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TouchsTone 3 : Respuestas Workbook Unidad 10-12

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WorkBook 10-12

1.    ‘s been gardening, ‘s planted
2.    ‘s been shopping, ‘s spent
3.    ‘s been running, finished
4.    ‘s been cooking, ‘s made
5.    ‘s been skiing, ‘s had
6.    ‘s been doing, ‘s washed

1.    for
2.    in
3.    since
4.    in
5.    since
6.    for

1.    A: How long have you been studying Spanish?
B: I’ve been studying Spanish for seven months.
A: How many words have you been studying?
B: I’ve been learning about 250 words.
2.    A: How long have you been playing baseball?
B: I’ve been playing for 18 years.
A: How many games have you been winning this lesson?
B: I’ve been winning in 12 out of 15.

1.    have, been doing
2.    have, been going
3.    have, hang out
4.    have, been eating out
5.    have, been studying
6.    have, been making
7.    have, been overslept
8.    have, thinking
9.    have, reading
10. have, been exercising

1.    science                     
2.    thriller
3.    war
4.    animated
5.    comedy
6.    musical
7.    true
8.    horror
9.    jerker
10. action

1.    comedies
2.    love story
3.    play
4.    set in
5.    endings
6.    hilarious
7.    take place
8.    costumes
9.    stunts
10. subtitled

Ann: still
Gus: yet
Ann: already
Gus: still
Ann: yet

1.    Raoul: I was wondering if I could
Raoul: would it be all right it I
Raoul: would it be OK
2.    Josie: I was wondering if you could
Josie: I wanted to
Josie: I was wondering

1.    ask you if Ally could stay here
2.    if I could pick up Ally at airport-I’d borrow Jenny’s car
3.    and I seeing if Jenny wants to go sightseeing with us
4.    if I could organized a party Saturday? I’d check with Jenny
5.    could check Ally’s return fight online, I’d use Jenny’s computer

1.    B: All right. What time?
2.    B: All right. What did you want to talk about?
3.    B: That would be OK.
4.    B: OK. What do you need?
5.    B: Yeah, me too. All right. Let’s get going.

Positive: Chicken Run, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Negative: The Final Frontier, The Bourne Supremacy
Chicken Run: 2sentence
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: 1sentence
The Final Frontier: 3sentence
The Bourne Supremacy: 4sentence

1.    must be learning to drive
it could might be his first lesson.
2.    may be taking a driving test
it couldn’t be his first lesson.
3.    might be the best student
she could feel proud.
4.    could be taking a hard test
she might be nervous.
5.    must be the winners
they could practice a lot.
6.    can’t be the winners
they could be disappointed.

1.    Mandy: must be
Molly: might be
Mandy: must be practicing
Molly: might be
Mandy: must not be
2.    Jason: must be
Peter: must be
Jason: must be
Peter: could be
Jason: could be

1.    It’s Saturday afternoon, so he might be on the golf course. He can’t be at work.
2.    He might be playing golf.
3.    He could be a tired.
4.    He might be wearing T-shirt short and puuz.
5.    He may be with his girlfriend.
6.    He could be thinking about his golf’s skill.

1.    amazed
2.    annoyed
3.    exciting
4.    frustrating
5.    boring
6.    surprising
7.    scary

1.    annoying
2.    surprising
3.    boring
4.    scary
5.    amazed
6.    exciting
7.    frustrating

Emma: 1-excited
Shakira: 1-exciting

1.    disappointed if I failed a test that I thought I was prepared for
embarrassing if my friends found out
2.    annoyed if my friend didn’t show up for a date
frustrating if my friend’s forgotten my birth date
3.    scary if I was home alone during a thunderstorm
glad if my family come back home
4.    boring if someone was telling me bad story
the don’t tell me it again

1.    That must be hard or You must be excited
2.    That must be disappointed or You must be annoyed
3.    That must be regrettable or You must be frustrating
4.    That must be amazing or You must be exciting
5.    That must be frustrating or You must be jealous
6.    That must be surprising or You must be amazed

Walt: you see
Reg: I see
Walt: you see
Reg: I see
Walt: I see

Akina: you must be
Omar: you see
Akina: that must be
Akina: I see
Omar: you see
Akina: you must be
Akina: you see
Akina: I see

1.    The youngest prodigy is William James Sidis.
2.    Disadvantages of being a child prodigy are frustrating disappointed, bored.
3.    Children become bored with school.
4.    Some parents help their gifted children develop who they push them.

1.    was closed
was found
was delayed
were cancelled
was removed
was searched
was re-opened
2.    was rescued
were called
wasn’t hurt
was taken
was released
3.    was broken into
were stolen
was closed off
was interviewed
was seen

1.    The game was delayed for two hours.
2.    A ring from an exhibit was stolen by someone.
3.    The rock concert was cancelled by they.
4.    A walled was found by woman on a bus.
5.    A violin was lost by man at an airport.
6.    A man from fire was rescued by someone.

1.    rains, floods
2.    hailstorm
3.    tornado
4.    hurricane, winds
5.    earthquake, aftershocks
6.    lightning, thunderstorm

1.    A fire was started by a candle.
2.    A free was blow down by tornado.
3.    A house was striking by hurricane.
4.    A tree was burned cause by lightning.
5.    A car was tracked by hailstorm.

1.    The building was partially damaged by the fire.
2.    Train services were temporarily disrupted by the storm.
3.     Several houses were badly damaged by flash floods in the area.
4.    Three firefighters were seriously injured by wildfire.
5.    A small farm was completely destroyed by a tornado.

Don: have you heard
Don: you know what
Don: guess what
Nadia: you know
Nadia: did you hear about
Don: did I tell you

1.    nothing was stolen
2.    took my favorite CDs
3.    they didn’t tell anyone about it
4.    it rained
5.    the ending was disappointing
6.    it was really expensive

1.    A: Did you hear
A: The best thing is
2.    A: Did I tell you?
A: The funny thing is

1.    dash   c   run; go quickly 
2.    alternative   d   other
3.    in-depth coverage   e   know; be informed about
4.    follow up on   f   read more about
5.    stay on top of   a   detailed (news) reports
6.    pass over   b   ignore; not look at

1.    b. there’s too much news
2.    a. she can’t get the news she wants
3.    b. want to know about one or two specific types of news
4.    a. professionally written versions of the news
5.    b. have news headlines on their Web sites.

1.    half
2.    almost
3.    out of
4.    none
5.    majority
6.    20%
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