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Albert Einstein was a Dominican origin

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According to a research of the Dominican Institute of History; it has been determined that Albert Einstein was from Dominican Republic. According to the data obtained from the investigations; Einstein family was from Moca's City, in a small community known as The talkers, where most of the inhabitants are Christians.

According to the data found by the researchers: the Einstein parents were Dominicans 100%. But they were forced to move to Germany during the years of constant struggles between jimenistas and Horacistas.

A man named Alberto Reina said the real name of Abert Einstein is Reina ; but apparently the Germans did not know how to write it when his parents went to register his birth. 
This gentleman claims to have copies of original documents of their parents and some properties in Germany.
In an interview with the newspaper Dominican Voice  ; Mr Alberto Reina says the government is not supporting the idea raised by him in order to declare Albert Einstein as the fourth  Father of the Nation. Mr. Alberto Reina aspires to the presidency of the Republic and says his main objective is that the remains of Albert Einstein are brought into the country then be declared the fourth father's homeland.

After thoroughly researching about Duarte and their families; I feel I'm understanding a little what you mean Mr. Alberto Reina; but it is necessary that everyone finds out for himself or researching.
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